Company Profile

De Bali Palms Residence is a sister company of Bali Aga Villa, Balinese Cultural Creation, Bali Manik Mas, Bali Craft Center, Balinesia Center, La Felicia Jewelry, Bali Arts Center, Kue Cik Lan, Bali Sari Wedding, Bali Aga Property, Siu Michelle, Bali Aga Nature&Organic, etc.

Besides those, the management also run bussiness in hospitality service in Denpasar (Lifestyle Express Hotel a city hotel). Spreading the bussiness to South Sulawesi, the management also run a local hotel and a feed factory that already run well.

For your info previously, the name of the company was Bali Aga Villa, then on 15th October 2015, it was changed into De Bali Palms Residence.

De Bali Palms Residence care for the team members and ensure that the team will do their best for the guest.

No doubt that the management will do their best to proof their professionalism.

Note: all activities are based on previous booking. Please contact us for booking via phone or email. Thank you.