Joglo” (ancient wooden house)

We have 2 joglos (an ancient building of over 100 years) specially brought from Java in its original shape and structure. Comfortable sofa, wooden and a round marble table in the spacious joglo complete with the antique decorations (carvingsand sculptures) which will make the joglo not only as a living area filled with beauty but also as a relaxing gathering area filled with aromas of the past.







“Bale Bambu“ (bamboo gazebo), “Jineng” (leveled wooden gazebo) and some buildings in the garden.


Wooden massage room

Design in traditional style, the wooden pavilion in the big tropical garden is perfect for relaxing with the Balinese treatments.



Relax and Re-energise your body.


Wedding Venue

Say “I Do!” to soulmate at our private beatiful tropical garden with your preference of Western or Balinese Theme. We also welcome bookings for Anniversaries, Pre Wedding or Photo Sessions.

Additional photo session (some decoration) for the Pre-Wedding is for FREE!



Gathering Venue

Gathering, Birthday Party and Outbound.

With the size of 10.000 m2 , our villa provides the above programs which can accommodate 100-150 guests.

We will also avail our other facilities in our lush garden villa to support your event.



 Arts and Cultural Activities

Optional arts and cultural activities such as Balinese Dance, Balinese Gamelan Music, Balinese Painting, Batik Making, Mask Painting, Offering Making, Balinese Woodcarving, Balinese Cooking, Silver Jewelry Making, etc can be arranged at your whims and fancies.

This program is intended for those who are interested in learning Balinese art and culture. De Bali Palms Residence designed the program to invite the participants to get closer to Balinese culture and art by learning and practicing.

Our designated instructor and staff are well trained. They will assist in the program in the setting of our heavenly garden and make your day more exciting.

We use special materials which are environmentally friendly. By doing this, we discreetly invite the participants, especially the children, to love nature. For example, we use natural colors taken from the tree barks, leaves or roots in “Batik Making“ program. In Balinese Painting, we use natural Balinese Traditional bamboo paint brushes while the canvas is handmade from cooked rice!

Our activities are not only for adults; we also offer some activities for kids or family. We would be delighted to arrange your schedule by the hour or on a regular basis. At the end of the program, you are allowed to bring the product that you have made during the program as a truly “Made in Bali” souvenir.

Kids Club

The villa is brought to you with your kids in mind. Understanding that the haven for kids are toys and games, our kids club are complete with educational toys (modern and traditional) with fun&culturally enriching activities in a huge garden with space for romping & horsing around.

Guest Activities Bali Aga Villa






Tropical Garden

In package to your room rate, you may also having relax in the big lush manicured tropical garden where there are gorgeous orchid plants and centennial trees.

Please note that bookings of De Bali Palms Residence as a Wedding and Gathering Venue and Arts and Cultural Activities are open for outside guests. Bookings will only be confirmed when there are no occupants or in-house guests in De Bali Palms Residence *. Please contact us for further information.