Adults Art and Culture Activities

Adults must be have more curiousity about the Balinese Art and Culture. In the activities arranged by Bali Aga Villa, your curiousity will hopefully being fullfilled through several activities arranged by Bali Aga Villa.

Balinese Cooking
Balinese Cuisine has its own characteristic, the taste of the food are quitely different from other cuisine. Bali Aga Villa, invite you to open the secret of the cuisine and will let you have the most memorable cooking lesson and recipes to bring home.

Balinese Dance
Bali also famous for its Dances. The unique movements of the body, hand and eyes are enough to attract people to be curious to learn the dance. Bali Aga Villa will answer your curiosity by inviting you to join the activity.

Balinese Gamelan Music
As the background music of the dance or relaxing melody during your relaxation, the Balinese Gamelan absolutely become one of the most interesting things of Bali. The refreshing tone and melody will bring you go deeper feel about the Balinese Art and Culture also nature. Wanting not only hear the music but play it as well? Then this is the right choice prepared by Bali Aga Villa.

Balinese Painting
For those who really love art especially all about painting, Bali Aga Villa set a chance to dig the artistic of Balinese Painting. Available on several material of Balinese Painting style, you will be freed to choose your style of painting. Set on floor two in an open wooden house you will enjoy the activities along with the breeze.

Balinese Shadow Puppet Making
The UNICEF said that the Shadow Puppet was a real culture heritage of Indonesia. Each teritory of Indonesia has its own characteristic of Shadow Puppet. Bali Aga Villa has set the activities on the Shadow Puppet by making the puppet and learn the character of the Puppet you are making. So a complete series brought by Bali Aga Villa: learn how to make and the history as well.

Balinese Mask Painting
In Balinese Dance sometimes we watch that the dancer wear any mask of any character. The Balinese rich of mask character and Bali Aga Villa hereby share with you of how to paint the mask character since each character has different techniques on the painting methods. Surely you will bring home the literature of the mask character also.

Balinese Woodcarving
It’s so difficult to explain about the uniqueness of Bali since there are so many unique things. The woodcarve is one of the things. Sometimes we can find the Balinese woodcarving beautify a building. It takes long time to make the same woodcarving but to answer your curiosity to feel how to make a Balinese woodcarving, Bali Aga Villa has set a short time activities where you can try to make a small woodcarve as your souvenir to bring back home.

Batik Making
Batik. Many things will be open here. The secret of coloring techniques, the brief information of Batik includes trick how to find out the real Batik also worth experience of making Batik. Try it!

Offering Making
Bali is the God island where the people everyday always pray and make offering to the God. The offering are made in beautifull and interesting shape. Many people came to Bali have the same interest to know more about the offering, that’s why Bali Aga Villa  then set this activity.

Photo Sessions
Wearing Balinese Costume, act and have Photo Sessions at Bali Aga Villa gorgeous location. That’s what the villa offer to you by the activities. No need to go outside of the villa, they will set it up for you include the free compliments such as umbrella (tradtional and modern, collection more than 20 umbrellas), traditional hand fan (collection more than 30), antique bicycles, “Dokar” (horse-drawn cart), Balinese Gamelan instruments and Balinese Mask.

Silver Jewelry Making
Want to bring something special home as souvenir without going out of the villa? Bali Aga Villa set this activities for you. Making beautifull ring, pendant or earring from pure silver right in the villa and bring the jewelry home as souvenir.

T-Shirt Painting
The T-Shirt Painting activities quite the same as other painting activities, the different is the media. Here you will paint on a T- Shirt which you can wear after the activities. Real souvenir, real experience.

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