Kids Art and Culture Activities

Focusing in its purpose that to give you happiness and peacefull on your mind (adults and kids), Bali Aga Villa then arrange activities for kids so that they also could enjoy their stay and will have a very valuable memory of staying in the villa. By the activities, the villa invites kids not only to have fun by doing the activities but also learn something worth in relation with art and culture especially Balinese Art and Culture.

Animal Statue Painting
Bali Aga Villa has many collections of animal statues such as elephant, giraffe, cat, butterfly, snake, dog, sea horse, turtle, dolphin, owl, buffalo, horse, gecko, etc. Here the kids may choose the animal statues they like and they can creatively paint the statue as they want or guided by the instructor so that the statue they paint would resemble the actual shape.  The villa also prepares many collections of books where the kids can find many animal pictures so that they will have description in coloring their statues.

Artificial Toy Arranging and Coloring (Furniture and Transportation)
Inspired to give a sense of care to the kids, Bali Aga Villa arranged this unique activities for kids. The villa had designed and arranges many miniatures of many things (furniture and transportation such as bench, cupboard, bed, truck, aero plane, etc).

The kids will choose the miniature that they love and try to make it. The villa will give the kids pieces of wood waste and the kids will arrange the pieces into shape that they want and coloring it in the finishing process. By this activities, the villa want to invite the kids first to love nature by using waste in their art, second is to give them a sense of care with anything they have because it is a long process to produce thing like theirs.

Bag Painting
In this activity, the kids will paint on a bag made of canvas (31 cm x 29 cm) then color it using crayon or water color. After finishing, they will have a special bag which special designed by them. They may wear it to go to school and be proud for using something that is the result of their creativity.

Balinese Dance
One of the most popular things about Bali is its Dances. Realizing that, Bali Aga Villa then invites people no exception for kids to feel the uniqueness of Balinese Dance. In this activity, the instructor will first explain brief information of the Dance that would be learnt (the meaning of the dance and also the costume of the dance in a performance). Besides practicing, the kids will also get a print out of the Balinese Dance literature including the step-step of the Dance they have practiced so that they can practice it anytime and will not forget what they have learnt.

Balinese Gamelan Music
One more unique thing of Balinese Culture is the music. Bali has many instruments in their Balinese Gamelan Music instruments. It is very interesting to learn the technique of playing the gamelan, that’s why Bali Aga Villa then arrange an activities for kids who want to try to play Balinese Gamelan Music. The kids will get the literature of the Balinese Gamelan Music instruments and the step of playing the gamelan that they already learnt.

Balinese Painting
In Balinese Painting activities, the kids will practice a Balinese Painting styles. As we know that there are some Balinese Painting styles with its beauty. Bali Aga Villa has design the simpler materials in doing the Balinese Painting without leaving the original characteristic of the painting.

Balinese Shadow Puppet Making
Inviting the kids to feel the experience in making shadow puppet through carving the cow hide (13 cm x 6 cm) and coloring it after, Bali Aga Villa also want to share the great philosophy of the shadow puppet character that the kids made by giving them the literature of the puppet character. The shadow puppet they made then may be used as a book divider so that the program would produce something useful and unique.

Balinese Woodcarving
As we know that wood carve is very interesting. Carve something on the wood sounds very challenging. Bali Aga Villa offers the kids to do the experience.

Batik Making
Indonesia is famous for its Batik and also Bali. The kids will try to make Batik and coloring it under supervision. The activities also teach kids to be patient in doing anything.

Candle Making
In this activity, the kids will be taught how to make another shape of candle.

Children Accessories Making
Many kids like to wear accessories especially girl. In purpose to give the kids a sense of care with anything they have moreover the things are made by themselves, Bali Aga Villa then arrange this activity. The kids may design hair pin or headscarf/headband. The kids will be proud in beautifying themselves wearing accessories they made.

Clay Art
The special thing of this activity is that in the activity, Bali Aga Villa does not use the usual clay like the clay that sold in a store; here the villa will invite the kids in making their own clay so that they will get new knowledge without dangerous material.

Clock Painting
Basically the activity is the same as the other painting program. What makes different is that the material used in this program is a clock.

Here, kids will try to cook some Balinese food. Accompanied by friendly instructor and staffs, the kids will have an interesting cooking experience.

Finger Puppet Making
Here, Bali Aga Villa invites the kids to be creative in making their toy. The villa will teach the kids in making a finger puppet/finger doll by sewing cloth and add some ornaments.

The fishing activity is usually combined with the cooking program, so that the kids can cook the fish that they got but the kids still can join this activity without combining with cooking class FOR FREE (fish they got will not be brought home).

Green Doll
Wanting to invite the kids in participating in the “Go Green” program, Bali Aga Villa arranges this activity. As the name of the activity, the kids will make doll first using sawdust. They can take frog, car, turtle, panda bear, human, elephant, etc as the shape of the doll. The villa provides some sample for them that they may imitate. There are some seeds in some parts of the doll; usually the seeds are put in the surface part because the seed will grow later. To teach the kids in growing plant is the main purpose of this activity, the kids will like the activity because they will have a cute media made by themselves.

Hama Beads Art
In the activity, the kids will be trained to be careful and creative. The kids will unite one bead to another by putting the beads on a molding (human, heart, star, flamingo, swan, etc), the kids will arrange the beads into the shape they want and in the last they will iron the beads to unite the beads (beads available in colors).

Kite Painting and Playing
Everybody loves kite especially in Bali where the Kite Festival are regularly held in the island. Through this activity, Bali Aga Villa invites kids to expand their creativity by painting the kites that prepared by the villa.

Mask Painting (Balinese and Modern Mask)
Still in painting activity, except providing many items like the material on other painting activities, Bali Aga Villa also provides mask for painting. The villa has two kinds of mask that are Balinese Mask (Ni Luh Manik, Penasar Cenikan, Penasar Kelihan, Bondres Keta) and Modern Mask (Dog, Human face, etc).

Modern Dance
Besides the Balinese Dance, kids also can learn the modern dance here. The dance had designed in energetic movements so that the children will indirectly do exercises by joining this activity.

Offering Making
One special thing about Bali is the offering. The Balinese always make offering to the God as their symbol of their thankfulness. By arranging the offering making activity, Bali Aga Villa invites the kids who are interested in learning the Balinese traditions especially the religious tradition by making the simple offering that the Balinese usually offer every day, later after the end of the activity, the instructor and the friendly staff will show the participants how to offer the offering. The kids will also get a print out of the offering making steps so that they would always remember it.

Ogoh-ogoh Statue Painting
Ogoh-ogoh is the symbol of Bhuta Kala in the Nyepi day usually described as a terrifying giant. The Nyepi day come once a year, that’s mean we can see the ogoh-ogoh once a year also but in the villa, the kids may see the ogoh-ogoh everytime, they can even paint it. 

Photo Sessions
Usually the activity is combined with the Balinese Dance program, after following the dance class, the kids usually have the Photo Sessions wearing the costume of the dance that they have learnt before. The purpose also to give the kids clear description of the dance including the costume that they will wear if they succeeded in mastering the dance.

Silver Jewelry Making
In the activity, the kids will be taught to make silver jewelry like ring, pendant or earrings. The villa has several designed of the jewelries that the kids may choose and try to make it. Kids doing the activity will surely under supervision.

Slipper Making
Wanting to invite the kids to appreciate everything more, the villa designed the activity. By making the thing that they use, the kids will know that everything they have and use is made through long process and it is not easy.

T-Shirt Painting
Appropriate to the activity’s name, in the activity, the kids will paint on a T-Shirt. They will draw the design first and color it later using Balinese traditional bamboo paintbrush. The colors used in this activity are special; they would not become discolor after being washed.

Towel Art
The kids will expand their creativity in making shape such as cake, donut, ice cream, lollypop, etc. Using towel as the material is what kids do in this activity. The kids may use the product as a gift to others for example as a gift for mother in the mothers’ day.

Traditional Fan Painting
Playing imagination through drawing and coloring in a useful media, Bali Aga Villa designed the painting activity on a traditional fan.

Traditional Gamelan Painting
Besides learning in playing the Balinese Gamelan Music Instruments, Bali Aga Villa also provides the miniature of the Gamelan (not only Balinese Gamelan but also other music instruments like flute, “maracas”/percussion instrument, “karimba”, thunder sounds making, etc) to be paint by the kids.

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