Spiritual Programs

Life must be full of color, many things happen. There should be left and right, good and bad, also happiness and sadness. All of the things should be live in harmony. Sometimes there are some problems in our life that we could not solve alone. We need somebody else for sharing, for giving any advice and suggestions for us. It is quite difficult to find the exact person for this, the person that of course wise and could open our eyes for a new thought.

De Bali Palms Residence really wants to help you who closely have the same problem as above. In their quiet friendly villa location, the villa offer a program named: Consultation and Healing based on Balinese Spiritual thought. In the program, the villa open a consulting room about life and its problem based on Balinese Spiritual thought that hopefully could give you any new bright thought. Encourage you to get your lost spirit in life and moreover open a new horizon for you. Besides consulting your problem, you may also ask for a healing from disease still based on the Balinese Spiritual thought. (Donation for the charge).