We offer only two exclusive bedrooms (Royal Suite) in 10.000 m2 which are designed in two different cultural themes: Java Batik (Javanese Batik), represented by one of Wayang (shadow puppet) characters Yudhistira and Papua Batik (Papuan Batik), represented by the symbol of Burung Cendrawasih (bird of paradise). The themes are reflected by the interior in each room from the bed decoration, etc. Each room is equipped with comfortable Javanese Royal Palace bed design which will make you imagine how the past king and queen were pampered in such bed, luxurious carpet, mosquito nets, bedside tables and lamps,antique dressing table made of sea marble, air conditioner,television, bathrooms with bath tub and shower, deposit box, free mini bar, free Wi – Fi, etc.


The characters of Indonesia presented at De Bali Palms Residence is through Batik as the themes in every room. Most of the Batik we use is handmade. We take the concept of Batik because Batik is Indonesia’s original cultural heritage which has been acknowledged by UNESCO.

There are two royal suites at the villa with the name of Batik: Java and Papua Batik, while for the extra rooms: Tuban, Cirebon and Madura Batik.

Batik is a cloth that is traditionally made using a manual wax-resistant dyeing technique. Indonesia is known to be a country that has various kinds of Batik since it has many regions which produce Batik. Each region has its own Batik characteristics.

Java Batik in the villa royal suite uses the character of Yudhistira (one of shadow puppet characters in Indonesia) as the theme. Yudhistira symbolizes the honesty and straight forwardness in everything.

 15 Java Suite


Papua Batik uses the theme of Burung Cendrawasih (the bird of Cendrawasih) or the bird of paradise. Cendrawasih is a special bird which has become the icon of Papua Province. It is a strong icon because with the bird of Cendrawasih or the bird of paradise, we will remember Papua. This bird symbolizes the representative or messenger of the Gods and Goddesses of the moon.


We in De Bali Palms Residence believe in going the extra mile. If you require an extra bed, we will provide an extra room complete with air conditioner, shower and Wi – Fi at the price of an extra bed.

Tuban Batik uses the motif of lung-lungan and manukemprit. Lung-lungan is the batik motif consisting of plants that spread to cover the entire piece of fabric. Manukemprit is the motif of sparrows which is blended with motif of plants. The style of Tuban Batik symbolizes the harmony of nature, animals and plants.

Cirebon Batik is represented here by the motif of mega mendung. It is the motif of clouds. The irregular curved lines with the motif carry a moral that human life is always changing.

Madura Batik comes with the motif of remekan. Remekan means cracking. From the word we know that cracking is one of the techniques of making such batik.


Tuban, Cirebon, Madura are the regions in the North Coast of Java.