Art & Culture Testimonials

marijke Very good, I liked it very much and the kids too, Thank you! We will never forget this event! (Marijke Vandeweyer – Belgium)
natalie-bitton The site is absolutely beautiful and serene. I really appreciated the tour of the property, which gave me a nice sense of the area.Very professional, I liked that the teachers/hosts met us at the taxi. Kitchen facilities are very clean and sanitary, staff is very friendly. Next time I will bring more children. Lunch area on patio is fantastic!! Chef is highly trained and took time to explain.(Natalie Bitton – USA)
sarah-edwards Great, enjoyable time. Lovely atmosphere and so peaceful and relaxing.(Sarah Edwards – Australia)
tatsiana Great place with excellent energy. A lot of interesting things you can learn about the culture by learning dance, batik paiting, making crafts. Thank you so much I want to say Wiwiek and everyone who works at the center, for the atmosphere they were able to create, and for their love for their culture and ability to show it us. And I had a wedding here, the most significant event in my life.Everything was so beautiful and surprising, it was like a fairy tale. In this place you want to return again and again and enjoy.(Tatsiana Vrangel – Russia)
lynda-hall  The craftsmen made us so welcome. I had an absolutely brilliant time. I really enjoyed everything. The gardens are so lovely. Awesome!!! What an amazing place.(Lynda Hall – Australia)
katy-constance What a beautiful day! Wiwiek is amazing and a funny & attentive host. All the programs are well planned and fun and educational. Im definitely coming back!!!(Katy Constance – Australia)
 dmitry All very pleasant, but it is a pity that we do not have time physically for all lessons. My wife and I had painted Batik and made crafts. And the most important thing! In this unforgettable place we had the wedding, which is always remaining our memory. We have been here twice and will definitely return again. Thank you Wiwiek! (Dmitry – Russia)
 elizabeth-ure I had a wonderful time and love every minute of my course. The staff were extremely friendly, knowledgable and helpful. I look forward to doing further courses here. (Elizabeth Ure – Australia)
 georgia-edwards Fantastic, entertaining, enjoyable and relaxing. Great fun for all. (Georgia Edwards – Australia)
 helen-hamilton I enjoyed it very much. I would like to stay here and learn more and enjoy the tranquility and beauty gardens. (Helen Hamilton – Australia)
 madeleine Beautiful, peaceful location, the grounds are gorgeus. The activities are amazing and staff very friendly, gracious and patient. (Madeleine O’Keefe – Australia)
lynne Excellent! Excited this is available. The staff and setting are superb. (Lynne Sheen – USA)
lili Wonderful experience, the place and the staff are very nice!. (Lili Borensztein – USA)
susie Love it! Beautiful location and the children had a great time…we’ll be back. (Susie Odiorne – USA)
hanny Interesting program, educative as well as creative in a enjoyable environment. (Hany Sianawati – Indonesia)
tracey Excellent courses. My daughter and I did gamelan & batik and really enjoyed both. Was a fun-filled & educational visit. Thank you Wiwiek and all the creative staff here! (Tracey Morris – Australia)
cathy Everyone were very helpful and kind. Thank you so much for the lesson! Thank you for being patient with us too. I will wear my earrings with my pride. (Cathy Deibler – N. Ireland)
turinge I like it, amazing, thank you very much. I’ll recommend for all my friends. (Turinge Larisa – Russia)
salma Excellent activities, beautiful setting, friendly & helpful staff. Wonderful day out for kids & families. Thanks for everything & best of luck and success for BC2 – we will be back!. (Salma, Layla, Hayyan – Saudi Arabia)
yannick Exceptional, very kind people, very food educational way. (Deroulede Yannick – France) 
bernice-lim Very interesting! The staff are very kind and helpfull. The children enjoyed the activities very much. Thank you Balinese Cultural Creation! (Bernice Lim – Singapore)
mikiko Very nice programs and situation and stuff. And price is very nice. Please keep it! Thank you. We will come back. (Mikiko Villeger – Japan)
preetha We are extremely happy in coming here. The kids found it very exciting and memorable. (Preetha – Singapore)
ukraine Unforgettable immpression! I have opened for myself a new side of the Balinese Culture and hospitality, kindness  of the people. Very pleasant, relaxing and friendly atmosphere. The professionals have granted me new knowledge and skill, unforgettable impressions and heart warmness in the ambience of marvelous Balinese natural environment and handmade beauty. Many thanks! I will recommend to all to visit this unique place. (Nataliia Tarhonii – Ukraine)
holland A beautiful location, very friendly people, very good with kids, big choice of activities, my children were very happy! (Schenkhuysen – Holland)
DSCF2798 I had a fantastic time learning two styles of Batik with my daughter. A great day spending time together, while learning a new art. The staff are fantastic and great with guiding my daughter in Batik (very patient). I would highly recommend and can’t wait to come back and try something else. Thanks. (Donna Buchanan – Australia)I like drawing with wax and my teacher. (Ava Buchanan – Australia)
DSC06605 Fantastic,friendly, creative, relaxed area, sweet teachers, perfect excursion for children (Evans Uldsluis – The Netherlands)
michael Fantastic, We loved having the town, kid loved the fishing + painting very relaxing, peaceful. All staff very friendly  and helpful. We will come back again for another activity , recommend it to our friend. (Michael O’Malies – Australia)
DSC068671 Great ! Friendly staff, beautiful surroundings. Good course for adults and kids. My daughter (5 years) didn’t want to leave. (Elisabeth Brogren -Sweden)

Wedding Testimonials

 limarenko It was very touching, thank you from the bottom of my heart! We are happy and appreciate you. We wish happiness and good health to you all. (Limarenko Liudmila – Russia)
 ekaterina The ceremony was very beautiful. We were assisted by the team of real professionals. The ceremony left the most pleasant and unforgettable impression. Thank you very much. (Portnova Ekaterina – Russia)
 anton That was very interesting, funny and unforgettable. Everything was superb. (Skhurin Anton – Russia)
 tribul We liked everything, It was SUPER! Keep it up! It was the most beautiful wedding! The Best!. (Tribul Rouslan – Russia)
amber-paul Great experience! Good to experiment how other cultures marry (Sharon – Australia).
Had my vowel renewal here. Ceremony was excellent. Services and staffs are great (Grant – Australia)
sharon-grant Fantastic to be a part of this wonderful experience and the service is excellent. Thank you so much (Amber – Australia).
Attended wedding here very nice place. Staff very helpful and nice. Would recommend to anyone having a wedding (Paul – Australia)

Healing, Spiritual, Wellness

Mr. Agung is amazing healer. I do recommend him. I became new person after his treatment. Pain but surely works. (Sayuri Tanaka – 9 October 2014)
 Dear Agung, Thank you for your time, wisdom, humor, healing and the wonderful pain you gave me! I will be back for more. (Sandra)
To. Pak Agung, Thank you so much for the deep reflexology treatment. I feel so relaxed after the treatment. Wished i could stay longer in Bali, to continue further treatment with Pak Agung, I will come back again to see Pak Agung on my next trip. (Rachmad)
The Copenhagen Post
This was my first deep reflexology treatment. I was told before that it is going to be some work (based on my precondition). Agung did a terrific job throughout the whole session and with his very kind nature also helped to reduce the painful moments, I was surprised how much he understood about my conditions in life throw the treatment and he gave me good advise how to continue to held myself. On top of that I had the most relaxing time afterwards being all calm in bliss state. Thank you.
Very good treatment, much pain but very relaxing effect. Thank you very much. (Sarah & Alex)
Dear Agung. Thanks for the most amazing treatment. I could feel your love and presence. A little gesture to you to express my gratefulness. (Christina)
The Copenhagen Post
They warm me it will be cold, but I am warmed by Sanskrit chanting and the ringing of a small bell. That does not last-it is cold, yet walking back to my room in my sopping wet sarong, I feel energized, renewed and ready for whatever comes next. What comes next is a handsome, young, yoga instructor with the posture of a marine who takes me through a flowing sequence. The private session ends with him guiding my limbs through Tai Chi-style stretch that throws me into bliss, so of course I laugh when he says,’Now time for relaxation’. A short closing meditation and I’m off to a breakfast of yogurt and goji berries.
Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage Testimonial
Truly appreciated your Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage. I truly felt your true practice of the art of healing, your compassionate intent of the healer. I read about Thai Massage, “It is combination of influences from Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian cultural spheres and traditions of medicine”. The Buddhist spiritual practices associated with Thai massage cultivate humility, awareness, and concentration. This compassionate state of being is termed “Metta”, which usually translates as “loving kindness”.”This is not easy job at all, this may only true from people who has sincere willingness to help and kindness. THUMBS UP to you Made Agus Wirayasa.